Week of March 27th

I am an enchanter. There are some who call me…Tim.

This week I decided to take a break from SQL Server with AlwaysOn on AWS EC2 and focus my attention to the Python programming language. Despite gracefully shutting down all my Instances, I am still racking up over ~$120 of charges and growing.. This is stuff they don’t tell you about in the brochure.. Either case I will hold on to my environment for now and carry on with my re-tooling of my skills….

So far, I have learned quite a lot about Python. Firstly, Its quite an extensive programming language with many use cases and of course no matter how hard I try I still suck at programming.. It’s just not in my DNA. However, the goal was not to reinvent myself with skill that’s clearly one of my weaknesses but to have a good general understanding of the syntax and understand of the value preposition. And that I am happy to report is going that is going quite well so far

Here is what I did with Python: 

 1. Completed the course of Pluralsight The Big Picture by Jason Olson    

2. Installed Home Brew on Amanda’s Mac with the latest version of Python 3.8.x with some nice extras

3. Created several python scripts to be used with the training modules and took notes    

4. Completed the following modules Core Python: Getting Started by Robert Smallshire and Austin Bingham 

    5. To reenforce my leanings I recite ” The Zen of Python” each and every night before I go to bed

** Bonus Points ** I spent over 4 hours this week working on Parabolas and other fun Algebraic equations.

Not to mention a little español and some environmental sciences..
Since I didn’t complete the full course which I hoped too this week. 🙁 I plan to finish the remaining sections of Iteration and Iterables and the two remaining modules on Classes and File IO and Resource Managements over the weekend.. Doing work on the weekend is not a habit I am looking to make a regular practice.

Next Steps.. 

Pandas Fundamentals

Have a nice weekend!


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