SQL Squirrels

Week of November 20th

“Climb🧗‍♀️ in the back with your head👤 in the Clouds☁️☁️… And you’re gone” Hi All – Happy Name Your PC💻 Day! “Forward yesterday makes me wanna stay…” “Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed 😂 about”. So, after a short recess we made our splendiferous return this week. To where else? …But […]

Week of October 23rd

Part III of a Cloud☁️ Journey “I’m learning to fly ✈️, around the clouds ☁️” Hi All – Happy National Mole Day! 👨‍🔬👩🏾‍🔬 “Open your eyes 👀, look up to the skies🌤 and see 👓” As we have all learned, Cloud computing ☁️ empowers us all to focus our time 🕰 on dreaming 😴 up […]

Week of October 16th

Part II of a Cloud☁️ Journey “Cause I don’t want to come back… Down from this Cloud☁️” Hi All – Happy Global 🌎 Cat 😺 Day! Last week, we started our continuous Cloud☁️ journey exploring Google Cloud☁️ to help us better understand the core services and the full value proposition that GCP can offer. It […]

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